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Turning X into a fully
functionalTrading Terminal
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• Trade Instantly on X
• Advanced DEX Trade Strategies
• Customized On-chain Analytics
• Seamless UI/UX with Account Abstraction

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Chainzoom On-chain
• In-depth metrics for DEX and CEX
• Real-time insights with customized time frames
• Auto-updated database with AI Algorithm

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Chainzoom Social
Sentiment Analysis
• Collect and analyze project’s social mentions
• Leaderboard of KOLs following projects and their mentions.
• Sentiment Score based on collected data.

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Elevate your Crypto Trading
with ChainZoom
Turn any Web3 into a trading and data terminal. Trade effortlessly anytime, anywhere.
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Dive deep into our Ecosystem
To unleash the Full Potential of Crypto Trading
Chainzoom Chrome extension
Elevate your crypto journey with real-time analytics, unlocking the ability to transform any Web3 platform, such as Etherscan and X, into a trading and data terminal.

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Elevate yourCrypto JourneywithChainzoom

The 1st Degen Layer on X


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The 1st Degen Layer on X

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